Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's a Recession...damn

Is it possible to stay fashion forward without spending the mortgage money? Of course! You just have to start seeing more red. Clearance tags! I hit the sale isle, rack, or bin most places I go...especially for the jewelry! The way I see it is all of the clearance stuff was hot once. There's a good chance it will either be hot again or I can revamp it.

Clothes are tough though. You cannot buy just because it's on sale. You need to be sure the items fit in your waredrobe. Now some t-shirts can be an exception. T-shirts are t-shirts when it comes to the ones I workout in, hang around the house in, and sleep in. I can always use a few new ones because it's an item that doesn't last me long. After numerous trips outside to garden, clean the car, clean the house, or sweat through a workout they have done their duty. They aren't an amazing find for me. Why would I spend a considerable amount of money on them? It makes more sense for me to snag a buggy full of them when Target discounts them to a couple dollars and change. A t-shirt bulk buy and a new blouse, dress, pair of pants or jeans, or skirt are completely different shopping adventures. Those key items are as important to shop for discounted as if you are shopping current season's Versace. Don't waste your money on a pile of crap. Shop like it's money worked hard for that's to be well spent. Come on it's a recession...damn!

Now some places are worth diving in the heap, but some aren't. My major two that will always have me perusing their sale sections are The Gap and Old Navy. Everything in those stores goes on sale eventually. I'm not big on Banana Republic, but it could be the same. (Disclaimer: I think Banana Republic has beautiful clothing, but it doesn't fit really my life, currently. I think The Gap really defines my personal style, but Old Navy typically has such fun pieces and discounted basics.) The other major draw to these stores is that you have 14 days to get a price adjustment after you buy any item. So you can get any item on sale for around half off, typically within about 30 days of first seeing it in the store, then hold your receipt and go back on your next shopping trip, and get even more money back to invest in your new, tried on and perfectly fitting, items.

Another of the best finds at higher end discount stores is jewelry, second only to clothes. So often people don't consider purchasing jewelry at Target, Wal-Mart, KMart, etc. Because of this, great pieces of jewelry end up quickly going to the clearance section. I love this. Often I want to buy an odd piece of jewlery to match that one particular outfit to go to that one particular event to impress everyone in that one particular crowd. I can't always run to the local jeweler, but I can run to a discount store (Target's my fav!). I can buy a pair of $2 earrings and a $3 necklace without feeling bad. I can figure out how to wear it with other things later, revamp it, or store it away for the next outing. And just like Glad storage, if I lose it I can get over it. So go ahead future party girl and do all the stupid stuff you want because if you come home missing an earring oh well. Toss the other, or better yet break it up into something better. Then wear it to the next shindig as a brooch, pendant, or charm!

I think these rules apply across many a discount retailers shopping sections. For instance, it's the same thing with household decorating items. I like to accessorize my place with the same creativity as I accessorize an outfit, but $40 for a pillow is not my thing. Instead I avoid the temptation of the full price isles and hit the clearance section. I end up with beautiful half priced, or more off, pillows, towels, sheets, and bed and bath odds and ends. All of this without feeling like I missed out on something or impulse buying.

It's even a good idea to start in the sale section. You'll probably finish in the same place.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The MAXI Dress

I love the MAXI dress, the town gown, the sundress, etc! I love that style dress, because it is perfect in every way like Mary Poppins! It's beautifully flowing and may be a solid or a print. It is guaranteed to flatter any shape...when handled correctly!

You see I am a curvy girl. I have curves I don't always appreciate, but I love a dress. I really love a long dress, if I can find a way to work it on my short body. This style phenomenon has afforded me that. It may have a halter top, tube top, spaghetti straps, or other design, but I can make it work right for me.

The most alluring part to me though is how forgiving it is and easily accessorized. I just went on a Maxi dress shopping spree. I purchased a fuchsia ruffle top dress, a spaghetti strap purple dress, and a black tube dress. I immediately focused on all the things these dresses would accentuate that I would have a problem with. I don't love my arms or shoulders, but that's an easy fix. The fuchsia dress masks some of my shoulder and arm issues with it's neckline ruffle. Because of that I only have to focus on appropriateness of jewelry for the venue I'm wearing the dress to. The purple dress is a quick and easy outfit, with a elbow sleeve jacket and a white tank. Then my stunning basic black dress looks beautiful with my cropped white denim jacket. I'm enjoying the scarf trend, but as cute as it may look with the Maxi dress I have to be careful in the Texas weather. Fashion is important, but comfort ranks higher on my style priority list. (100+ degrees could be deadly with a jacket and a scarf, even if I waited until the sun went down.)

Continuing the outfit by determining how to finish it is the real fun. Because I am a slave to jewelry, I choose things like a bold long stone necklace, multiple ribbon wrapped and metal bangle bracelets, and funky earrings. I adore jewelry like I adore sandals. I keep numerous options! Plus at a time when metallic's are all the rage, gladiators are cool again, and there's a thong sandal on every page of every magazine and website...why not?! Just avoid the standard foam flip flop, they look effortless in a bad way. And, I swear walking a day in those germy things makes my feet look dirty...I'm just saying.

Seriously, there are IMPORTANT things to remember with the Maxi dress too.

1. For shorter fashionista's like myself, take care of the hem! It's as tacky as with jeans to see a filthy, drug around town, hem!

2. If needed don't forget your shaper. Again, I don't appreciate all my curves. As soon as I slip into the comfort of my dress, I am reminded that I'm walking around in the equivalent of a T-shirt. There's absolutely no support anywhere! I don't want to turn my T-shirt comfort into rollie pollie embarrassment.

3. Please do not let your girls, twins, or boobies hang out of the top like a bad club outfit. A fitted white tank under most Maxi dresses is cute, casual, and guarantees the use of a supportive bra!

4. This one you'll thank me for. If you purchase most of your Maxi dresses in cotton, like I prefer, get them dry cleaned or wash in cold water and Woolite then hang and iron them. Fading will happen if you don't take steps to avoid it.

5. And lastly, determine what some of your issues maybe in your dress and try try again until you are able to be fashion forward, style crazy, and fabulously comfortable!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I know the secret to business success

Okay knowing the secret to business success and being able to use it are two totally different things. They are completely, drastically, different things. So the secret is that first you need to be able to make or do something no one else has the desire to make or do or something no one else is able to make or do to guarantee business success. That's my problem. If you build it, they may or may not come. This is the truth. I make a quality product. I don't even care about the nay sayers because I pour a lot of me into my jewelry designs and I know they are well made and BEAUTIFUL. But, it's important for me to realize there are a lot of great jewelry designers out there that make fantastic products too. I'm not doing something no one else can do or lacks desire to do. I have to revamp my business. I have to add something new and amazing. This is important to guarantee the success of blaisedENVY, and me and my child and his children and his children's children.

I know that what I know, I know, I know. I don't know everything, but I pride myself on being a master of a FEW things.