Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"these are a few of my favorite things..."

Fashion trends change constantly, but there's always something I'm obsessing over. So today, because tomorrow could be totally different, I am obsessed with skinny belts and ruffles.
My love of skinny belts is simple. They are ALMOST ALWAYS appropriate. They define the waist, add some elegance, and provide an opportunity for creativity. I belt dresses, dress shirts, cardigans, blouses, and tunics. Any top that's not gathered at the hem, dress that doesn't have a defined waist showing outside of the belted area, or item that's not overly bulky can probably be belted. Those are general rules, but let your fashion eye be your guide.
Ruffles are new in my adult life. I'd put them on my children only list below white patent leather shoes and bubble jackets. But, I was wrong. When done correctly, in moderation, they are flawless! I love tuxedo ruffles whether they're simple or exaggerated. Just remember to make ruffles the, or a major, star in the show. When ruffles have to compete with over the top other looks, everything loses.
As trends recycle, or up cycle, themselves, the classics remain the same even with accessories. Staples will out live the pierced lip and have long since killed the ankle bracelet. My constant favorites are big bangle bracelets and dangle earrings...WOWZA!
Bracelets, an old fashion faithful! I adore all bracelets, but bangles have changed my life! I feel naked without bangles up to my armpits. But you can't just put on every bangle you own and call it fashionable, you have to have a plan. I am careful to coordinate color, pattern, metals, sizes, and shapes. I only wear them on my left wrist, always my left wrist. I'm right handed and the bulk can impair the 1000 times I have to put pen to paper in a day. I make sure to separate my metals with wood or a ribbon wrapped bracelet in the office. Noise HAS to be a deciding factor in bracelet wearing!
And the earrings, may God bless a bold earring! They are just...necessary. There's no bigger opportunity for a subtle statement. Earrings, for me, are the most feminine and expressive accessories you can wear. They make my day. You should never, NEVER, leave home without earrings! NEVER!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit, Flaw, Flattering

I am curvy. Voluptuous. I'm kinda pear-ish. I have broad shoulders, and I'm busty. My figure is okay, but I need toning. I need lots of toning. Lord knows!
I am sure of my body. Knowing the best fit and the flaws of your shape are essential in knowing how to dress yourself. But it's only part of the process. I'm certain there's nothing skinny about a skinny jean when they're on me, but if not skinny jeans then what?
1. I like a heavier weight denim. Light weight denim can be like wearing blue t-shirts for pants when not done correctly. Every flaw could be displayed.
2. My hips and thighs need balance. I need volume on the lower half of my legs.
Now as easy as this may now seem to figure out, all together they create a new set of hard to figure out restrictions. Heavy weight denim isn't difficult, but it doesn't mean the hard just shy of black denim favored by some laborers. I want the medium weight, I guess, carried in most retail shops.
Balancing my leg is best done in boot cut jeans. Flare leg jeans are confusing and awkward on my short stems. Wide leg jeans tend to make my legs look shorter and wider than what they really are. I need something that follows my leg comfortably to the knee, then with a slight flare goes on to the floor. I need boot cut jeans. Trouser jeans follow a similar route without the slight flare. They are a more fitted version of the wide leg. Trouser jeans can work for me, but my heart belongs to boot cut.
Generally speaking, I focus on my waist a lot. Showing that my waist is slimmer helps define an hour glass shape with my curvy lower half and voluptuous bust line. This makes me feel more feminine. *Side note: I love the word voluptuous!
I also am famous for using accessories to manipulate the eye. *Rule: Add color, sparkle, or oddity where you want peoples eyes to fall on you.
I need v neck tees. Although I wear the occasional crew neck t-shirt, it's not often. They add emphasis to my already broad shoulders. I'm more balanced in a v neck. But with t-shirts it doesn't end there. I go for a soft cotton tee with a cut that's flattering to the female form. Because, boxy is only appropriate when it's an impeccably styled Chanel tweed jacket.

Cartoon Clothing

Adults should never wear cartoon themed clothing. I cannot express my disgust at an adult in an over sized Winnie the Pooh t-shirt. It's no longer cute and classic. It's ridiculous and tacky. I think companies produce these items as a joke on the unsuspecting, and poorly dressed, consumer. Don't let the joke be on you...literally.
I did some research for the character die hards. I understand that some piece of animation may tickle that warm and fuzzy place in your soul. But you CAN and MUST satisfy that warm and fuzzy without themed apparel. Thank God for accessories, and in his situation, specifically jewels. I'm speaking of gold, sterling silver, crystals, and gemstones. I'm not including the battery operated necklace that glows, sings, and dances.
So for me, trash the tees and get the pave' crystal Mickey Mouse ears necklace at disneystore.com. Please? Thanks!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Shoe Box

So today I, again, found myself in a little boutique in Magnolia, AR called the Shoe Box. It's the temporary home to tons of fabulous shoes and accessories. I love that store! Every imaginable trend lines their walls just waiting to be obsessed over by someone like me. And, I never disappoint!


Accessories are my thing! I have a "moment" over beautiful bangles and extraordinary earrings. I sometimes salivate over superior shoes, but accessories amaze me. They are my everything and hold a high spot on my priority list. The very loves of my life...*sigh.* Well, they are 2nd - infinity behind Blaise.


Spent the weekend in Dallas. Spent tons of money on jewels. Spent nothing on clothes. Spent the mornings trying to figure out what to wear. Spent that time with bracelets and earrings already on.
My priorities may need some work.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Understanding the boob line

I love clothing items that define certain areas on the body like a slim waist or toned arms. They are typically incredibly flattering pieces. But, by looking at some women around me, the boob line can be difficult to understand.
The boob line, as I've defined it, is the stitch on a top separating the bust area from the mid-section. It may be accented with decorative trim or underneath a faux wrap.
It is very important that the boob line be UNDERNEATH the breasts. It can't be above the breasts or resting on them. That line MUST be UNDER the breasts. If you can't follow this rule DO NOT purchase the this style of top. Going out with oddly placed boob line makes you look like a crazy sausage stuffed into a too little shirt.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who are you wearing?

So for me, the fashion whore, "who are you wearing?" is a reasonable question. I want to know! But, is it really THAT important? Although I've always known that a lot of products charge you to wear their name, I didn't realize just how much. I mean I grew up in the days of the TH and RL Polo shirt and shirt dress. Target made the very same product! But, when you covet a pair of red soled Louboutins or a Birkin could you really be set up to pay a 500% or 1000% mark up? Wowza!

That's devestating, and I really just want to ignore it! I would like to think that I'm paying for expertise and creativity. But, how true can that be "off-the-rack?" I'm in a big named department store paying for the mass produced item. Revelation: I'm wasting my damn money!

I don't make a lot of big ticket item purchases. I'm a single mother to a young son. I have to manage money with some sense and sensibility. I know the beauty of the Gap and Target, Kohls, and TJMaxx. I do have random moments of falling in love with a label though. Don't we all?!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I was watching HGTV the other day and there was a girl with the best haircut ever. She was just a supporting character, but her hair stole the show. Her friend was buying a condo, a house, a garden, or something. Who cares?! Whatever she was buying kept taking the camera away from the best haircut ever!

So, it's looking like I'm getting a haircut. I'm tired of growing it out. I'm tired of dealing with the length. I'm ready for a change! The change is looking to be a replica of the best haircut ever! This hair cut was a little longer than a pixie cut. It was a boyish style with long bangs and cut just at the hairline.

Something like this beautiful picture of Michelle Williams. I'll be making this the black girl version though.


So I've recently become obsessed with HGTV. I watch shows multiple times. I develop amazing design ideas. I mourn my own space.

I feel that design is design. It doesn't matter if it's apparel, accessories, or rooms. I'm in love with it. There's just something wonderful about the marriage of color, ideas, and interests. It is so motivating to watch concepts take shape.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have a new love, and it's mustard yellow or, more professionally speaking, golden rod. I crowned it the best color for fall, in my life. It speaks to me! But, it speaks to me in reasonable doses. Doses like a clutch bag, blouse, or dress with a print. Maybe even in a scarf, piece of resin jewelry, or a shoe accent. Just remember it's bold and could easily be overwhelming if over done. That's really just the general rule of color.

Gone are the days of matching all your colors and outrageous color pairing. Today understated is best with pattern and texture. Fashion should be quirky, a tad risky, and crazy creative. When it's true it has incredible character.

Moral of this story is... golden rod.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ideas for fashion on a dime

So as I've said many times in many ways, I am a fashionista on a budget. My budget is small, limited, and restricted. Thank God for unlimited creativity!

I shop in the past. Meaning, I hit the sales racks hard when the retail floor changes seasons. Remember retail changes seasons far before Mother Nature. I get at least 30 extra days out of my new items and a barely worn new wardrobe next season.

I am a laundry queen. I hang, or lay flat, about 80% of my clothes when drying. Over time the dryer can fade and distort clothing. And hanging typically makes ironing easier and cuts the use of electricity. So hang all those favorite cotton items, dry clean optional, and beautiful undies. You'll quickly notice a difference in your clothes. And, you'll spend less replacing ruined items.

Along those laundry lines, purchase and use a spot lifter. Adults make messes too, and why would you trash something a couple quick sprays of Spray-n-Wash could have fixed?

The key is, don't forget about your accessories! The best way to alter pieces in your wardrobe is by changing your shoes and accessories. You can go day to evening by switching out ONLY your jewels to bold pieces with bold colors and bold statements. Then add a shoe with a wild design, sky high platform, nail heads, 6000 straps, or other kooky statement to change even the most plain pencil skirt and blouse to a hot outfit. And, a clutch bag with pattern, in a metallic, or some over-the-top "something" will ice the cake.

Do NOT buy a new ensemble on your lunch break or waste gas rushing home to change. Instead pack your fashion modifications in an over sized handbag or one of the many bags you're sure to have hanging in your closet, change in the car, and voila!

I challenge you all to explore your own creativity. Tell me how you make fashion work when your resources may be short. Or for those sailing through these rough economic times, how could you cut a corner or a cost?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weight Loss v. Fashion

It's true that you should dress the body you're in, unless you actively involved in a weight changing regimen.
So what do you do?
First, save up at least 80% of your shopping money to invest in a new wardrobe once you've hit your goal. This way you can reward yourself, and your fans, by stepping out in a new body adorned with new clothes.
Second, do an inventory of your current most comfortable pieces. The pieces that you wear to work, out with friends, and to casual activities. What are those pieces? Instead of looking at an item as your favorite designer dress, look at it as a light weight cotton blend dress. Make note of all the details that make it your favorite piece. Then shop for those specific items discounted as your weight changes. The important part of this is you remain nicely dressed and comfortable as your body changes, but you aren't breaking the bank on clothing you won't be in for too long. I spend extra time in Old Navy and Target during this time. You can find beautiful pieces for super cheap!
Third, go accessories insane! The only thing that won't change sizes are accessories.
I have invested in belts of every type and color, because they are adjustable and can create a waist even on an item a little too large. Belt a top outside of your pants, blouse your top just a smidge, and look how tiny you waist instantly is.
Invest in scarves, because they can be paired with anything during the spring and fall and pull attention up towards your face. You can tie some scouts knot or just wear them hanging long and open. It's a great way to jazz up a cheap tee or tank too.
I BELIEVE in jewelry for the same reason. Jewelry demands attention. You can dress in denim and a white t-shirt, but with jewels you will immediately look more pulled together and expensive. Jewels will draw the eye where ever they are. It's a well known fact! Ask anyone.
Fourth, and my fav, get creative.
I have a friend who added 1000, elaborating, colorful safety pins to the neck line of a v-neck tee from Target. Wowza! It is adorable and cost her less than $5. Plus when her size changes again, and she has lots of time on her hands, she can just switch the pins to another tee. I don't recommend you go crafty on your entire wardrobe if it's not in your blood though. Just look for different ways to cut cost and sizes with your changing body.
Buy every color of slinky t-shirt at your favorite store. As long as it doesn't have a pocket you can pull it off even in the office. Just go back to step 3.
Purchase dresses. Dresses can last longer than pants with body changes. They don't show change as quickly and obviously as pants tend to.
In general, be creative.
Play up your favorite features, and play down your imperfections.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

I really like these Christian Louboutin Hidden-Platform Pumps. I really want a nude pump, but I think that before I try to fake a tan shoe on my brown skin I need to think long and hard. These shoes are just above beige. I love that I get to do "nude" without looking like I'm really expecting my nude and that nude to be the same nude. Because I know that nude, when not describing nakedness is simply a light grayish-yellow brown to brownish-pink color. Thank you dictionary.com.

And, I remember my mom wearing "taupe" pumps back in the 80's when I was a child. I loved those taupe pumps and how super fly she looked in them. They were patent leather too. I love when fashion just keeps repeating itself. I may add these to my wish list to wear on the many days I carry her vintage LV attache case. XOXO

Accentuate the positive. Camouflage the negative.

Accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative are words to live by.

I have more curves that some, but I'm no circle. I am a real woman with some imperfect parts. I'm okay with that. I know my body. I know the improvements it needs, and I remain realistic. This makes all the difference.

As with most of my blogs, I'm prompted to write from what I see. So, there's a woman across from me in the dentist's office. And she is wearing an outfit I just recently purchased. It's just wide leg jeans with metal accents and an orange top that's gathered at the neck and waist. It's literally just two pretty basic pieces, and they were displayed side by side in a local boutique. She recently purchased hers too, as I notice the faint fold lines in her top. Instead of the wedge sandals and bronze jewels I'm planning, she opted for functional sneakers and as little styling as possible. She even has pigtails. No one over the age of 8 should ever have pigtails. This is really sad, because she's probably an attractive girl under all the unattractive parts.

If she accentuated the positive, she would run a comb through her thick auburn hair instead of a messy part and two ponytail holders. This gathered top just frames her full midsection like her belly is the Mona Lisa. Instead she should of sought out a larger size, because the elastic top should look like elastic. It should not be pulled so taunt it just looks like odd stitching. Other safe choices would have been ruching or an empire waist. These looks all work to camouflage the extra belly some of us are left with after the joys of pregnancy.
Now as far as that footwear goes, please never step out of your home in a functional sneaker unless there's going to be running or general exercise involved. She could have even caught less hell from me in a foam flip flop, and if you aren't using a public shower I don't think you should ever wear a foam flip flop. To make matters worse her jeans drug the floor, and I'm sure they picked up every germ and bit of bacteria they could find. Yuck! We're within an inch of the same height, I'm sure. If she'd put on a mid-heel wedge she would have been fine...and not infested with bacteria. I know, because I tried the jeans on with a mid-heel jean, and I was fine.

On top of all that her legs seem to be longer than the stumps God has me walking on. I get so frustrated with people who don't take advantage of the physical gifts they have. And now that she's caught me staring, and we've forced smiles in acknowledgement of each other, I can see this is a beautiful woman who needs some serious sprucing.

She complemented my earrings, I gave her a card to http://blaisedenvy.com/. I hope she turns it over and follows the blog link on the back.

If so, hey lady no hard feelings, but please follow my advice. What I know, I know, I know!

Monday, March 29, 2010

How much is your beauty worth?

I was reading an article on MSN money this morning. Is $3600, annually, on beauty products and regimines excessive spending? Wow?! Absolutely! Well, it matters what's included in that.

I spend between $80 - $100 monly on my pedicures and waxing. I do a $60 peel and facial 4-6 times a year, and there's a copay the 6 times a year I visit my dermatologist's office, for vanity's sake.That doesn't include Latisse, other prescriptions, the MAC cosmetics, or ELTA and Aveeno skin care products. What about the money wasted on "trying" new products and services? All the cosmetics and nail polishes I thought I had to have amount to something. There's also a drawer full of tea tree, sea salt, and eucalyptus blends of spa, relax, and rejuvenation stuff.

I have no room to judge. Do you?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Professionally speaking...

Do you leave things to the professionals? Do you know when to DIY and when to call in the experts? This is true in fashion, style, and glam, because if done incorrectly it can be costly or impossible to fix.

I hate to confess this, but a few years ago I went to the beauty school to get a quick trim. I had some bad ends along the back and needed it just chopped off blunt. I was expecting no more than 1/2 an inch. I had been before for a few washes when I was too lazy to lather, rinse, and repeat myself. I had called the salon, but my stylist was unavailable. I can't remember why, but I had to have it done RIGHT THEN! So I ran by the beauty school. I was thinking that these are students, and no one here will be overly ambitious. I can get a quick trim, spend less than a $10, and be on my way. Nope. This heffa took it upon herself to take about 3 1/2 inches off my hair. She couldn't hear 1/2 inch, but she understood blunt cut. Idiot! You get what you pay for. I hope she didn't graduate but instead ended up doing crochet braids off her grandma's front porch. That's what I get for asking a student to do expert work.

The same goes for all aspects of the beauty industry. It's been said that the only thing a stylist needs to do to become a stylist is to say they are a stylist. You can't trust that everyone knows anything at all about style. You have to see to believe. I never trust a hair stylist with nappy hair that looks like it's home to a flock of birds. I would never trust a fashion stylist that looks a hot mess.

I encourage the masses to get expert advice on the important things in your life. This includes your home, your health, your sanity, your family, and YOU! Go for a professional bra fitting, have a tailor, not a box of safety pins, hem your trousers, have licensed professionals do your hair, your face, your skin, and your nails. Take care of yourself with as much knowledge and know how as you can, but when all else fails...seek out a professional opinion!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm always looking for ways to make it easier to work where I live and live where I work. Because my inner fashionista is growing by leaps and bounds my clothing and accessories wardrobes are growing and expanding. I'm quickly out growing my space. b.E.'s inventory and my personal jewels are starting to mix. Some of my prized possessions are being buried under other fabulous possessions. It's sad.
So I used some of my Internet surfing time to look for new storage ideas. Eureka! I came across this nifty video of ways to use typical household stuff in new and interesting storage ways. There were numerous suggestions that intrigued me, but I loved this peg board idea. Basically, you mount a peg board on your wall and hang all of your stuff. Easy! So, I ran to my local hardware store and bought a 4X2 peg board. Because it wasn't the most fascinating color, I spray painted it. Now, I have a royal blue peg board hanging on my beautiful green wall. My favorite jewelry is always at hand, and it's become a piece of ever changing artwork. Both the artsy and fashionista parts of me are satisfied.
Another idea I had, actually it's a revamped idea, is using an old school coffee mug rack for more useful storage. It was initially saved from a heap in my grandparents garage to hang my jewelry on, but with the birth of the peg board it's been bare. Now some of my hats, and my son's hats, have a new place to call home.
I realize I may not be the first to have this epiphany, but I'm still proud. Organization is on the way into my life at a high rate of speed. This is recycling and reusing at it's best!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm obsessed with all things glamorous. I think it's bigger than just being pretty or even beautiful. There's just true intention in being glamorous! I think glamour is intoxicating, magnetic, and almost magical. It's not just old Hollywood furs and diamonds. It's beautiful heels with great stuff like platforms and box toes, unconventional jewels that you obsess over, designer clutch bags, and high quality clothes that feel like second skin. It's how you carry yourself. It's sex appeal, attitude, and crazy confidence.

Take some extra time here and there to just glam up your style. You don't have to put on every shiny accessory you have or restrict your breathing in some too tight outfit. Just step up your look. Put on a little extra eye make up, your boldest cocktail ring, highest most stunning heels, and a dress that hugs every inch of you perfectly. Maybe even curl your hair a little daring and step out like you just wrote a check to purchase the planet! It will boost your confidence and bring on some good attention.
Be glamorous...to death

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashionable v. Trendy

It's important to be fashionable. Being fashionable is appropriate for every age, body type, and style. You could never say that about a trend. Trend is a personal decision, dependent upon a number of things, but being fashionable is just...required.

Look at fashion as your welcome, cliff's notes, or cover letter. It sets your tone, a quick reference to what you're all about. It introduces you. Partner that with killer confidence and you will be unstoppable!

Fashion Season

Stores are filling up with spring and summer fashions!
I salivate, with my face pressed against the glass of boutique windows, as I tighten my scarf around my neck and wonder which layer, the tee, the cardigan, or the coat, is failing me. I'm cold, and I'd love to go inside and try on that yellow printed maxi dress, bronze strappy wedges, and fitted denim jacket. I'd like to sit in that window display and pretend to be enjoying a margarita, at a cantina, on a playa somewhere that's not right here, right now. And you know, I have the perfect accessories for that outfit! http://blaisedenvy.com/

Fashion's funny. It never rests. It won't be turned off or shut down. There's always something new, and it's typically something old that's been revamped. Yet, it's alluring. Fashion is constantly in motion. The fashion seasons lead the regular seasons. You have to work hard to stay current and play the game of wearing what, when, without being in sandals in midst of winter.

I am already mentally building a glamorous new summer wardrobe while sitting here with my heater on high. And, I wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A full set?!

So, I frequent the nail salon. I get my eyebrows and lip waxed. But don't get it twisted, I'm not rocking a handlebar mustache. I just like my ladylike peach fuzz tamed. I also, faithfully, get a pedicure. I love to be pampered, even if it's in small doses.

Today I went into my FAVORITE local nail salon. The staff is incredible, the service is the best, and it's in walking distance of my house. This is a great nail salon. Plus, I have inadvertently tattooed their name on my left hand, RELAX. While I was in there today the owner once again made comments about the free advertising I'm accidentally giving him. And me, with all of my charisma, mentioned how this advertisement is bogus without perks. So he offered to give me a full set. A full set?! I've never had my nails done. I have really strong, fast growing, nails. I've never needed nails. It would be nice to not have to worry with the upkeep of my own nails, but is this worth the trade of the constant commitment? I mean it's free. He's the owner. He offered to do my nails. I can't pass up this opportunity. It's too generous.

We gathered my things, and I made my way into the nail area. I was sliding my freshly pedi'd and slippered feet along wondering if I was biting off more than I really wanted to chew. I did it though. I sat there like a small child studying every step. I wanted to know what every product was, how it worked, and why he was using it. I made few requests. I wanted to just enjoy this experience. I let him determine the best nail length for me, the thickness of the nail, and how much French tip was right.

The finished product was beautiful despite the disclaimer halfway through of this being the one job he does the least in the salon. And although they are a little painful and quite heavy, I'm happy. It was an experience that was past due!

March 2nd
I scratched, bit, and peeled everyone of those things off my nails! Well, it was great while it lasted.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who do you dress for?

I learned another lesson from my son today, a cold day in Texas. I was getting my kid dressed just to hang out at home. We were taking our baths and putting on clothes to sit on our comfy couch and watch loads of TV. My son is an amazing 4 year old. He has this great sense of identity to be so fresh in the world. I think he's incredible.

We're standing in his closet. He's in an undershirt, underwear, and socks. He's still wearing his shark towel, because his hair is kinda wet. We're looking at his clothes trying to figure out what would be perfect, and warm, for a lazy day at home. He keeps choosing the adorable school clothes that have just been washed and ironed. I keep cringing and suggesting the stained t-shirts and pants with pin holes. We can't agree. So I do what I should have done many failed suggestions ago, I ask him why he keeps choosing that stuff. He replies, "because I like it." I tell him we aren't going anywhere. It's so cold outside. I just want to hang out at home. No one will see his "cool clothes." He replies, "I still like them."

He's a smart boy. He dresses in what he likes. He wears what he wants and feels great in it. He dresses for himself! He walks around with his self confidence off the charts, and I'm proud of him. I want to be more like him.

Who do you dress for?
Once, I dressed for specific people or events. Later, I realized that I only looked nice some of the time. Meaning, I was going out as a slob every time I didn't "plan" to see anyone. That's insanity, and I'm embarrassed. I cannot dictate who I may come in contact with after I walk out my front door. So it turned out that I was always in the public, bumping into some of those specific people, without my "fancy" attire.

I had to establish style, a daily no matter what style. I broke down my wardrobe. I looked at what I really enjoyed about my clothes to fix them. I didn't want to invest money into a phenomenal wardrobe that I'd never wear. So, I went from tight flare-leg jeans to comfortably fitted straight-leg jeans, over sized cotton t-shirts to flattering cotton tunics and blouses, and sneakers to ballet flats. And that has made all the difference! Well the difference for casual clothes. I already had a pretty good handle on "fancy."

Same issue, but drastically in the other way. I know people that always over dress to impress. So you look super trendy, but there's little of your personality involved. You are head to toe trend. I'd bet that's not very flattering on you either. Every trend will NEVER work for everyone!

Get dressed for yourself primarily. If you please yourself, become the most confident you've ever been, everything else will just fall perfectly into place. I am working with this everyday. We all are. It's Murphy's Law, the moment you decide against following the rules you run into the man who once broke your heart and you're wearing tattered, over sized, sweats and no bra. But, you were just running to the corner store for a paper. It doesn't matter, because it will undoubtedly happen, I promise. Push yourself, as I continue to push myself, to be better today that yesterday and better tomorrow than today. Be like my son!

And again I must preach, have style that speaks to you, is flattering, and fun. Now I'm done, go on and take over the world!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shoes you must have

I'm finally watching an episode of Oprah that I DVR'd months ago. It's called "Oprah's Shoe, Handbag, and Accessory Intervention, with Bra Updates," from November 2, 2009.

Hey Ladies, these shoes you must have in your wardrobe, or so says Oprah's people.

1. black pumps - with a kitten heel

2. comfortable flats - that work for both work and weekends

3. show stopping gorgeous shoes - with some umpf

4. cute non-athletic sneakers

5. tall boots

6. All-weather boots

Now you know that I don't agree with everything, because I never do. I'm not really a tall boot person. I don't think they (the ones I tried, before I gave up) accent my legs and body shape well. I would rather just include a flattering boot for 5. My flattering boot is the bootie, and (I lied) I can pull off the perfect riding boot. Most of you are just like me, every boot doesn't work for everyone. Remember, just purchase yourself a flattering boot! Spend wisely, because this should be considered an investment.

I do think this is a great list. I'd never run across a shoe list before, wow.

Why did you purchase that?

My problem with shopping is that I'm between sizes. I won't share what those sizes are, but I am. So of course I don't follow my own rules. When I shop, I go down to the smaller of the two sizes. I should purchase large and tailor, but I can't always push myself to do the right thing. It's near impossible to get me to buy anything larger than I am. I'm busting my tail to lose weight. Go up a size? I don't think so. Anyway staying on target, this very moment I have three items riding around in my car that need to go to the tailor. I even pass the tailor a few times a week, at least, but I never feel I have the time to go in and get pinned. So I push myself to drop a few pounds to get into the smaller size, and it usually works for me. But this isn't a big stretch. I'm not buying a few sizes too small. I'm purchasing a size one inch smaller. I could even fix this with a Spanx. It's not a good idea though. You should do just as the wise Stacy London and Clint Kelly say, on TLC's What Not To Wear, dress for the size you are now.

I poke fun at my mom and my aunt often about their purchases. Why did they purchase that...whatever, I tease that it's because it's on sale. It's tempting to buy because it's now 75% off, but if it's not worth that discounted price in your life you wasted your money. So you scored a great deal on those jeans, but they're slightly tapered, high waisted, and too light. You just did yourself a injustice while you saved money. Plus, you turn around and donate or sell at a lose in a yard sale. You just cost yourself money while you saved money. Be careful that your great buy really is a great buy for your body, style, and wardrobe.

It's so pretty. I had to have it. Now with shoes, I should be slapped. I love a pretty shoe! I love, love, and love a pretty shoe! But, shoe designers do not love my wide feet. I often purchase shoes that I know are too tight because they are so pretty. Then I just own them, but never wear them, or I occasionally wear them with tears in my eyes. I know people that do this for everything in their wardrobe. They buy the wrong tunic, blouse, dress, or jacket because it's pretty. They squeeze into skinny jeans knowing they are unflattering on their shape. I appreciate beautiful clothes and fun trends. Hell, I obsess about bikinis and formal gowns every year and whatever trendy thing young Hollywood is sporting, but they don't always belong in my life. They usually don't belong in my life actually, but it's still okay to love these things. It's okay to love clothes. It's even okay to have a healthy obsession with clothes. But remember, you don't have to own, or wear, every pretty thing you see. Buy, and wear, what works on your body and in your life. I'll take that into consideration with shoes. Naw, I just need to find something to stretch these new platform pumps out from a M to a W.

Friday, January 1, 2010


2009 was a difficult year for me. I learned a lot of hard lessons. I did things I never thought I'd have to do. I was put in situations that I never saw coming. I had a number of failed friendships and relationships. I learned. I saw the reason for many of the changes in my life. I realized that God was not so much testing me, but clearing a path for something new. I am blessed! I have overcome so many things. I have grown incredibly in a year.

I thank God for this life. I am mother to an amazing kid. We have our health. We are surrounded with love. We have peace and stability in our lives. I appreciate the renewed faith that comes with understanding that God does not take us through anything without reason and strength.

I look forward to 2010. I am more confident than I have ever been! I am more focused, logical, and realistic. I am dedicated to my goals and driven. I have so much more potential than I ever gave myself credit for. My opportunities are endless! This is simply the beginning.

Look out for the growth and successes we are all capable of attaining in this new year. I wish you all prosperity.

With love,