Monday, December 28, 2009

Can I mix metals and metallics?

Of course you can, but should you? I believe mixing metallics is possible, but it can be difficult. To me it's like trying to match reds, typically impossible. Well near impossible without a plan.

The plan is to purchase a few multi-metal accessories. Grab a yellow and white gold ring or bracelet, pewter and antique bronze necklace or earrings, or copper and anything, then keep mixing. I love copper colored jewelry, done correctly.

I have a fun multi-metal necklace. It's antique bronze and pewter. I pair it with pewter earrings and antique bronze, antique copper, and pewter bangle bracelets. The metal accents on my handbag and shoes are pewter, but the sheen differs. However, it all works, and it works well.

Use the same concept with metallic clothing and accessories. There's a gunmetal sequined top I was obsessed with for weeks. When I noticed the last one in my size, I purchased it to just to figure it out later. I had it about a year before I felt I owned the right accessories for it. But, then I hated my choices. I was drowning in sterling silver with onyx accents. It was disgustingly matchy matchy! I tried too hard. My successful pairing included multi-metal chain necklaces, oxidized sterling silver and onyx cocktail ring, and black and white gemstone bracelets with sterling silver, pewter, and copper bangles. Sounds like a lot, but with black trousers, a dark wash denim jacket, and black wedges it was glamorous!

You can also get metallic creative with other pieces, hardware on your accessories, or another metallic clothing item. Thinking about it now, that top would be beautiful with a metallic jacket. It's gunmetal with shiny gunmetal sequins, but it's lacking some flare that would be complimented with other metallic clothing pieces.

The moral is that mixing metals is easily done when there's a cohesive approach. It's the same rules for all style, but without cohesion there's chaos!


Lazy? Quite possibly.

I have this problem. I often hold my fabulousness for what I deem a special occasion. Awful I know, but I do. I'm not where I want to be in my life regarding my goals, my business, or geographically. It's made me fashionably lazy!

So the day after Christmas, my son and I were return/exchange shopping. He was adorable, as always, in a hoodie sweatsuit. I was nicely dressed in my own hoodie sweatsuit. We were only planning to be out briefly running errands, right? Yes we were, BUT I'd entered the public. I had thrown myself into a 50/50 mix of fabulosity and frumpy. I was average at best, and that's never good enough. Especially considering the number of attractive men out shopping/exchanging. There were more men in my dating age bracket out than ever before!

Don't make your style lazy. Even in my cute hoodie sweatsuit, minimal floral graphic tee (too add color), scarf, coordinating (and metallic) New Balance sneakers, great handbag (a huge shiny brown woven one), and beautiful jewelry (, there was no trace of make up and my messy ponytail was no where near flattering. Face and hair, I got lazy and paid the price.

Don't make my mistake. Have a daily beauty regime. Then have that last minute rush regime that still hits all your high notes. I should have used some foundation and a little pressed powder, some mascara across my top lashes, and sheer lip gloss over my cocoa butter lip moisturizer. I wouldn't have been at the tip top of the fabulous list, but average would have been beneath me!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Panty lines...YUCK

Do not dare go anywhere with your panty line showing! It bothers me. I'm not talking about the hint of show when you sit a particular way. I mean chunky cotton undies under khaki pants. It drives me insane.

I have my own issues with khakis, but this panty line issue, now that's an awful look of it's own. Ladies, and cross dressing gents, purchase a full length mirror. TODAY! Check your look head to toe before you enter the public.

This full length mirror will solve many of my hang ups, but today just focus on turning around and checking your tush. Baby steps. Now if making the investment in the mirror is an issue, take your lunch a day or two. They're about $10 at Target. You can save up for the fancy one later.

While at Super Target buying lunch goodies and that mirror, grab a 3-pack of no-show, or thong, undies. Multitasking. Three birds with one stone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seasonal best

Can we be seasonal and weather appropriate? I ask this as I sit at my desk, in December, wearing flip flops. Hypocritical hypocrite, I know. But (excuse is) it's raining, not that cold today, and I have a pedicure appointment after work. Oh, and today's a short day with a skeletal staff. Usually, I stay weather and seasonally appropriate though.

My advice is STOP wearing sandals in the winter and knee high boots in the summer. PLEASE consider your sleeve lengths, fabric weights, graphics on your t-shirts, and footwear. You look crazy when you don't.

I walked into the office this morning and the receptionist asked, slightly judgemental, "you're wearing flip flops?" I understood her tone. I would have used the same tone on anyone else. I explained myself. Plus, I have closed toe wedges in my WAY oversized handbag.

It's shocking to see someone dressed drastically against the weather. It's inappropriate, unprofessional, and distracting. Don't believe me? Go far left seasonally and see how many people make fun of you or, at the least, look at you like you're a dumb ass.

Because the economy's garbage and, financially speaking, I'm strained, I purchase many transitional pieces. I love cotton! I thank God for cotton. It is the most versatile fabric. I have so many cotton tops, tunics, tanks, sweaters, and blouses. I can wear them separately, layer then, or whatever my creativity calls for.

I also adore scarves. I'm big on accessories, says the jewelry designer. I wear my t-shirts and viscose scarves from September or October through May.

Denim is another! This falls in with cotton, but it deserves it's own praise. Any, no most, denim can transition all, or most, seasons and weather. I live in my Gap denim jacket, jeans in 50 zillion different styles, and it's fun to play up or down a denim skirt. Timeless or classic are an understatement for the fabulousness of denim, done correctly.

Another transitional staple is the ballet flat. Wear them in any season and during any weather. It's not fool proof, but hard to mess this one up.

And, jewels are always perfect. Buy a solid white tank and solid or minimal print long sleeve t-shirt and a 3/4 sleeve tee. Then accessorize then into an outfit. Great jewelry will always out last clothing. Great jewelry is more durable, more versatile, and transitions between trends easier. Invest big in jewels, as big as you can says the jewelry designer. Let it carry your outfit every season in all types of weather.

So when you're standing before your wardrobe preparing to dress, remember to take a cue from Mother Nature and be seasonally and weather appropriate!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What's my motivation?

What motivates you? What pushes you toward perfection? What makes you strive for excellence?