Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yes, I am perplexed by your outfit.

So I recently came into contact with an incredibly intelligent woman at a church function. She was smart, witty, and beautiful. She was also a fashion disaster. Her outfit screamed scattered, overwhelmed, and unorganized. It couldn't have been further from the truth though. I was perplexed!

So top to bottom she was wearing a cute boxy tweed double breasted jacket. It was shades of gray with nickel dome buttons. I'm describing it terribly, but it really was cute. Then she had on a silky top with metallic sequins. It would have been better paired with a white button up, or even a white cotton tee. Traveling downward, there was a heavy duty belt. It was filled, over filled, with nail heads and abstract leather pieces. It would have been perfect for my rock star/grunge Halloween costume or a preteen girl. I mean, PERFECT! Then there were adorable more straight, than skinny, jeans that would have been great with one of those looks. And, to finish off three different looks crammed together were flat suede equestrian boots. I wanted to take her into the bathroom and pull off the jacket and boots. Then put her in a funky pair of booties or studded high heel knee, or thigh, boots. Or maybe just take off the belt and shirt and instead put her in a basic white top with the jeans, jacket, and boots. I don't know, but the hodge-podge of looks was too much. It stole the beauty, or character, of the pieces she was wearing.

Very often it's a good idea to have one incredible piece. Then let everything else just accent that incredible piece. That's why I would push a white shirt under that fabulous jacket, or that shirt or belt for a trendy night out, but not both. Too many gimmicks, accessories, or tricks, can be overwhelming to the people you interact with. You will look haphazard. You can lose credibility. Fashion, or lack there of, can be more influential that we'd like to think.