Thursday, February 3, 2011


I found this interesting and wanted to share. It makes me wonder if the color I wear will influence my mood.
is the warmest of all colors.
is the color most chosen by extroverts.
symbolizes passion and love.
is associated with warmth.
means life and energy.
is a power color.
is one of the healing colors.
is said to increase food cravings.
stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.
means vitality with endurance.
represents thoughtfulness and sincerity.
driving characteristic is curiousity.
symbolizes exploration of new things.
means creativity and spice for life.
is bright and sunny.
is creative and intellectual energy.
symbolizes wisdom.
means joy and happiness.
brings clarity and awareness.
comes with a sense of establishment.
can clear the mind, making it active and alert.
can relieve panic, nervousness, and exhaustion.
is the color of nature, fertility, and life.
is the most restful color.
symbolizes self-respect and well being.
is the color of balance.
means learning, growth, and harmony.
is safe.
is favored by well balanced people.
symbolizes healing.
stands for good health and growth.
is the coolest color.
is the color of inspiration, sincerity, and spirituality.
is often the chosen color by conservative people.
is the calming color.
is soothing and the color of truth and moderation.
stands for good friendships.
symbolizes calm and relaxation.
stands for good communication.
means solitude and peace.
is the color of good judgment.
gives peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment.
is good for mediation.
has been used to symbolize magic and mystery.
represents royalty.
is the color of purpose.
symbolizes imagination and balance.
is the color of universal love.
is a quiet color.
represents beauty.
helps neutalize stress and violence.
symbolizes caring, tenderness, and acceptance.
means love.
represents self-worth.
is relaxing.
represents women's health and beauty.
is the color of purity.
means kindness.
is complete energy of light.
stands for wholeness and completion.
stands for openness and truth.
can move towards every color.
means new beginnings.
clears clutter and obstacles.
brings mental clarity.