Sunday, January 2, 2011

LEGGINGS or tights?!

She was in line ahead of me at McAlisters, the eatery. She was with a friend. They were talking about something irrelevant, and I was annoyed with their chatter. Then I looked down and notice that she, like many, had confused tights with leggings. Her petite shape and tunic kept it from being vulgar or offensive, but not ridiculous.

This has been a problem every since the return of the leggings. Outside of the fact that leggings shouldn't be worn by just everyone. They aren't forgiving, and the tunic and the dress need to be legging staples. Outside of those VERY important things, leggings and tights are two different things. No matter if they are cropped, colored, or embellished, if you can see through them...AT ALL...they aren't appropriate as leggings.

I could clearly see her legs through her tights, and when she dropped her straw I held my breathe and looked away. Thank God she'd learned to bend at the knee and not at the waist. I'm sure the midlife crisis in line behind me almost shit himself in anticipation though.

So if not for yourself, for me, don't be confused between leggings and tights. Don't just trust the packaging. Use common sense to be sure that I can't see straight though your faux leggings, AKA tights.

Happy New Year

As we embark on a new year, many people are making their resolutions, what they plan to do new or different this year.
The gym will probably be packed and banks will probably see less overdraft charges. Bills will be paid on time, and everyone will hold on to their merriness and holiday patience and love. This will last until the end of January, or maybe longer depending on how long it takes for the tax refunds to run out.
January is the honeymoon period. It's that time when everyone is on their very best behavior. But, it's typically downhill after this.
So I propose that before you change everything about yourself for just 31 days, you forgo the resolutions. Crumple up the paper you've written them on today, instead of later this year, and throw it away, instead of later this year. DO NOT make any more resolutions; instead, make decisions. Have goals. Establish a plan. This year, make changes in your life or plans for your life that are challenging, but attainable. Don't give yourself a 12 month, or 31 day, due by date. Take all the time you need to be who you feel you need to be, accomplish what you want to accomplish, or tackle what you want to tackle.
Happy New Years! CHEERS!!!