Thursday, September 9, 2010

Who are you wearing?

So for me, the fashion whore, "who are you wearing?" is a reasonable question. I want to know! But, is it really THAT important? Although I've always known that a lot of products charge you to wear their name, I didn't realize just how much. I mean I grew up in the days of the TH and RL Polo shirt and shirt dress. Target made the very same product! But, when you covet a pair of red soled Louboutins or a Birkin could you really be set up to pay a 500% or 1000% mark up? Wowza!

That's devestating, and I really just want to ignore it! I would like to think that I'm paying for expertise and creativity. But, how true can that be "off-the-rack?" I'm in a big named department store paying for the mass produced item. Revelation: I'm wasting my damn money!

I don't make a lot of big ticket item purchases. I'm a single mother to a young son. I have to manage money with some sense and sensibility. I know the beauty of the Gap and Target, Kohls, and TJMaxx. I do have random moments of falling in love with a label though. Don't we all?!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I was watching HGTV the other day and there was a girl with the best haircut ever. She was just a supporting character, but her hair stole the show. Her friend was buying a condo, a house, a garden, or something. Who cares?! Whatever she was buying kept taking the camera away from the best haircut ever!

So, it's looking like I'm getting a haircut. I'm tired of growing it out. I'm tired of dealing with the length. I'm ready for a change! The change is looking to be a replica of the best haircut ever! This hair cut was a little longer than a pixie cut. It was a boyish style with long bangs and cut just at the hairline.

Something like this beautiful picture of Michelle Williams. I'll be making this the black girl version though.


So I've recently become obsessed with HGTV. I watch shows multiple times. I develop amazing design ideas. I mourn my own space.

I feel that design is design. It doesn't matter if it's apparel, accessories, or rooms. I'm in love with it. There's just something wonderful about the marriage of color, ideas, and interests. It is so motivating to watch concepts take shape.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have a new love, and it's mustard yellow or, more professionally speaking, golden rod. I crowned it the best color for fall, in my life. It speaks to me! But, it speaks to me in reasonable doses. Doses like a clutch bag, blouse, or dress with a print. Maybe even in a scarf, piece of resin jewelry, or a shoe accent. Just remember it's bold and could easily be overwhelming if over done. That's really just the general rule of color.

Gone are the days of matching all your colors and outrageous color pairing. Today understated is best with pattern and texture. Fashion should be quirky, a tad risky, and crazy creative. When it's true it has incredible character.

Moral of this story is... golden rod.