Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Does these two pieces go together?

Okay so I had a few clothing options, in my mind, that were never to be matched up.

So today it was pleasantly chill this morning. It was perfect navy blue canvas pea coat weather. BUT, I was wearing black jersey pants. Can I really give up my scare of the sailor look and pair navy with any other basic? I mean I typically only do navy with a print because of the scar from numerous pictures of myself in a sailor dress. So today, because of lack of time and desire to fix my potential problem, I left my house in black jersey pants and a navy blue pea coat. WOWZA! It looked fab-u-lous! I love navy and black. My neat, casual, outfit had a flare of the classics. It is definitely a look I will tweak. These colors will carry me clean through fall and winter.

Now the bad side. I find that most of my fashion fears are situations brought on by past disasters. I am afraid of EVER pairing black and brown. I NEVER plan to pair those two colors. EWWW! I worked at Gadzooks one hundred years ago and a member of management came to work in black, faded, tapered pants and a brown, faded, short sleeve shirt with a velour trim. I cringe thinking back on it. Literally, I just cringed.

The navy and black was a little girl's nightmare reclaimed in a positive way, but the other will always be lost in translation. That would make me sad if I hadn't seen it with my own two eyes.

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