Monday, October 12, 2009


Yes, it's true that sometimes you can change your fashion by changing your weight or toning up. Sometimes it doesn't matter though. Some things may never work.

Let's be positive. This is about a 2 piece v. a 1 piece, leggings, and hemlines. All things that are typically weight and figure issues. How to be comfortable in new clothing options, become healthier, and be even more glam to death are worth focusing some attention on.

I got some information from MSN, how the thin got thin, stay thin, or something. These steps are key. They are slightly revamped though, because I am so opinionated!

1. Do NOT diet - Duh! You should never give a permanent problem a temporary fix. Change habits and behaviors to change your life.

2. Keep track of your weight - Now, I weigh myself compulsively. Don't become obsessed though. I'm avidly trying to lose weight so this works for me, but I'm not advocating obsession. Just know your current number. This way you know if your number changes, good or bad.

3. Exercise - Absolutely! The gym can be a stretch, or intimidating, at times. Get creative. Sometimes instead of the elliptical or treadmill I take a walk, play Wii, clean up around the house, or play games with my son. The key is getting, and staying, active for at least 20 minutes daily.

4. Food isn't therapy - Never use food as a therapeutic tool. Food is food. It's not a psychiatrist. Find new ways to satisfy boredom, anger, loneliness, etc. Again be creative, write a blog, sing, dance, read, exercise, learn a new craft or hobby, do anything but eat!

5. When you're full...STOP - We've heard this one a few times as well. I read the entire menu twice before deciding what to order. Then I alter it completely until it's perfect. I'm anxious until it arrives. I savour every bite, but I stop around half. I package it up for later. I'll get to enjoy it again. Yay! I mean after the chips and salsa, bread, or whatever, do you REALLY have room to finish off an entire meal? Also, I eat kind of early in the day. I can't be miserable through every other activity of my day. Plus, and this is important, gluttony isn't attractive. People take notice to how much you eat. They shouldn't, but they do. If you bypass healthy appetite and venture into pig they get grossed out. I do at least.

6. Don't be tempted - Willpower does not exist. Don't bring bad stuff into your life expecting to be okay. You will fail! If (insert your food of choice) are a weakness, don't buy them and torture yourself. Out of sight really is out of mind.

7. Treats - Never, for any reason, deprive yourself. That's a life lesson! Be mindful of what you eat, how much and why, but don't deprive yourself. Reward yourself and give in to cravings, but be reasonable!

8. Always have breakfast - I changed eat to have. I'm not a big breakfast person. I don't feel like eating for a few, or more, hours after I wake up. I don't mind a smoothie though. A mix of fruit and yogurt. Sometimes I even add a little oatmeal, granola, or chocolate on top. I also like fruit with cheese cubes or peanut butter on whole wheat toast. If traditional breakfast items aren't your thing either, again I say, get creative.

9. Move - Get active! Walking up the stairs can be a lot, but walking down only isn't so bad. Turning the TV off and the radio on can motivate you to dance. Park a little further back, say no to the drive thru and go inside, look for projects to do around the house left unfinished, and stand more. Standing pushes you to do something with yourself, while sitting only encourages sitting.

10. Don't skip meals - If you are hungry...EAT! Don't deprive yourself, AT ALL!!! And, skipped meals screw up your metabolism.

It's that easy! Don't just do it for skinny jeans, a new dress, or swim wear. Get healthy! Remember confidence may be internal, but it has an amazing influence on your outward appearance. A healthy you is strong, happy, and confident. That's absolutely glam to death.

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