Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shoes you must have

I'm finally watching an episode of Oprah that I DVR'd months ago. It's called "Oprah's Shoe, Handbag, and Accessory Intervention, with Bra Updates," from November 2, 2009.

Hey Ladies, these shoes you must have in your wardrobe, or so says Oprah's people.

1. black pumps - with a kitten heel

2. comfortable flats - that work for both work and weekends

3. show stopping gorgeous shoes - with some umpf

4. cute non-athletic sneakers

5. tall boots

6. All-weather boots

Now you know that I don't agree with everything, because I never do. I'm not really a tall boot person. I don't think they (the ones I tried, before I gave up) accent my legs and body shape well. I would rather just include a flattering boot for 5. My flattering boot is the bootie, and (I lied) I can pull off the perfect riding boot. Most of you are just like me, every boot doesn't work for everyone. Remember, just purchase yourself a flattering boot! Spend wisely, because this should be considered an investment.

I do think this is a great list. I'd never run across a shoe list before, wow.

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