Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Plus Size Fashion

There are a number of things in life you can just fake your way through. If you speak with heavy doses of confidence and some authority things will get done. But, there are other tings you just have to know. No matter how well you attempt to fake it, it won't work. Plus sized fashion, fashion, cannot be faked.

July brought a new issue of the local women's magazine, Her, to newsstands across town. I got my hands on a copy and it was mainly the same. Similar models, in similar clothes, from similar local boutiques graced the pages. It was well done as always. Then amongst the final pages of sales promotions of blah fashion was a plus size article written by Ben. Ben of, I don't seem to know much about the plight of the plus sized woman. Ben is obviously employed by thin women who aren't that knowledgeable either because someone ok'd this mockery!

First, the article starts out reasonably entertaining and informative, but quickly there are huge misunderstandings disguising themselves as advice. Ben writes that "plus size women should wear clothing that draws attention to the face, as this is where you want the most attention to fall." What?! I am a plus size woman, and yes I do have a pretty face. But, I also have a great bust line, narrow waist, and a great shape. I want to draw attention to all my beautiful attributes. I think that are worthy of attention. I only want to camouflage a problem zone. Everything below my neck is NOT a problem zone.

So already upset by that paragraph I read on with my guard high. Accessories were highlighted generally. Hair and make up advice was also given. The article was okay in places, but still obviously the work of a clueless individual. The only thing overshadowing this ridiculous write up was the layout. Everything else in the magazine was highlighted by beautiful pictures of local models. This article had unflattering outfits stolen from national retailers circulars. With an abundance of plus sized women in the world how were they unable to find local models?

Then came information from a plus size woman. You'd expect it to be fool proof, but no. The wonderful, at times, advice close with, "most stores should carry plus sized clothing because of the expanding (in more ways than one) numbers of larger people." Never use the words expanding and larger in an article about plus size women! Besides that, practice what's preached, these tidbits ran beneath an unflattering picture of this plus sized woman in what appeared to be drab fashions, dying lilies, and lack luster hair and make up.

The truth is plus size fashion is a growing phenomenon that deserves attention. But it's also a delicate topic that must be handled appropriately. Because plus size fashion is still fashion and deserves the same respect, information, and attention, don't stick it in the back of the swimsuit issue with obvious disregard. We plus size fashionistas don't appreciate that!

*Let's be honest, I am currently a plus size woman. I don't love that fact, but I realize it. I am working diligently to leave the club, but my understanding will last a lifetime. Plus size women have numerous battles to fight with health and discrimination. Fashion should be easy, flattering, forgiving, and fun!

*I contacted Her Magazine after first seeing this article. I left a message for a Deb Ford. She never returned my call. I did not call again.

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