Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Accessories Rules:

Love rocking your accessories! Be confident and choose well to accentuate your ensemble, personality, and body.

My trick is putting my outfit together when I have plenty of time to explore numerous options. I build my outfit the evening before the morning I have to wear it, or the morning of the evening I need it.

When purchasing pieces do two things. First try most accessories on. Just because you see it as a flattering piece doesn't mean it will be flattering on you. Somethings are too chunky or too tiny for some body types. Something things may fall in odd places or fit oddly. Typically you cannot be certain just by looking. Secondly, buy what speaks to you. I have an attachment to most of my wardrobe because I love my clothing. I take time to pick out flattering attractive pieces. There's absolutely no way I would damage all that glamorousness with what I would consider generic accessories. No way!

Accessories are so important to an outfit. Take advantage of the vast array of options to enhance your outfit, mood, and overall appearance.
*wear only one MAJOR bold eye catching jewel accessories at a time
*be certain your accessories COMPLIMENT your clothing not compete with it
*avoid looking hodge podge or like a craft project

Product Rules:

Figure out what makes you love your favorite products to be prepared against discontinued items.


Haircare Revelation: For many years I used a shampoo and conditioner from a line called Beyond the Zone. I loved those products. I loved the way my hair responded to the products. Immediately my hair had vitality, fullness, and a glossy sheen. So, I built a haircare regimen around the cobalt blue shampoo and baby blue conditioner with Infusium leave-in conditioner, tea-tree oil spray conditioner, and Isoplus oil sheen. These were the only products I even owned. Well those and my Precise relaxer.

At one point Sally's Beauty Supply ran a promotion on all Beyond the Zone products. I bought out the inventory. This lasted me months. Then after I squeezed the last bit from the last bottle I found out it had been discontinued. The company stopped producing it. This dilemma was far bigger than Sally's Beauty Supply or me.

For a year I experimented with different products. I was constantly disappointed. The texture, hydration, and health of my hair changed. Finally, I came across someone who remembered my perfect products. It wasn't the Beyond the Zone shampoo and conditioner I loved so much, it was the hemp oil and hemp protein I missed so much. Eureka!

So now, I use Naturelle's Hemp Hydrating products. I love them, and my hair is back. Again, it's smooth, looks and feels healthy, and the vibrancy is returning. I hope to never lose these products, but it will be okay if so. My haircare key is hemp seed oil and hemp protein. That's what is most important. I know my favorite part of my favorite haircare product.

Skincare Revelation: After every shower, I bathe myself in Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion. It's such an amazing product. Skin desperately needs hydration and cocoa butter hydrates and conditions. It also works to even skin tone and encourage that natural glow.

In keeping with the versatility of the product, I depend on cocoa butter's nutrients to enrich my lips by using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick. I adore lips, and may God bless a perfect pout and curvy bow. Lips make as major a facial statement as the brow just by being there in sheer perfection. I take care of my lips year round by relying on my gem cocoa butter.

So my skincare guarantee and the favorite part of my favorite product is cocoa butter for the conditioning and hydration provided.

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