Friday, August 14, 2009


It is by no means true that you are as young as you feel. Absolutely false! You are an age, represented by a number of years, signifying wisdom and time lived. And, it establishes appropriateness.

When I was a little girl I wore cute Easter dresses, white patent leather shoes, frilly socks, and a matching hat. My hair was pressed super straight and the curled to the max. I carried a basket. It was a handmade basket, by my mom and done beautifully.

As a teenager I became edgy. I wore flowy dress-like jumpers, Doc Marten boots, and a designer backpack purse.

Last year, miles from childhood, I wore an adorable fuchsia shirt dress, peep toe leopard print flats, beautiful handbag, and enough well thought out, and executed, accessories to fill a window display. I was leaning on classic, but still quite edgy. My style has evolved, because I am almost 30, for fashion's sake! My age progressed, so naturally my style followed.

What would I look like in Doc Martens with a backpack purse now? A hot mess!

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