Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Style is...

Style is a vast amount of individuality. I think. To me, style is about MY flare, creativity, personality, expression, and my voice or my message. Style is part definition of who I am before I ever open my mouth.

This really came to me in a bold way the last couple of days. I work with this beautiful girl who is all parts bohemian goddess. She has wavy hair that comes down to the middle of her back. When she wears it loose and free it's almost overwhelming. I love it. She has an organic look too. Lots of cottons in earth tones, minimal make up, and subtle jewels. I love her look! Then you talk to her and it all ties together. She's positively one of the most positive people on earth. She can tell you a horrific story with a calm expression. She then finds the reason for the disaster and shrugs it off as a lesson learned. Her demeanor is that of a easy going, the sun will shine tomorrow, what doesn't kill us makes us strong, unbreakable woman. She's my modern day Lauren Hill before Lauren Hill stopped being Lauren Hill. And you could pick her out from every chica in the office. Amazing! She has personal style in a way that I obsess about.

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