Saturday, August 22, 2009


I learned a lesson today. It's a lesson I've learned numerous times before, but always ignored. Linen. Linen has no place in life other than outdoor summer parties. Only parties where you are comfortable standing, motionless, for hours. Because, linen is bound to wrinkly uncontrollably even as you're putting it on. It is the devil's fabric, tempting and seemingly trustworthy.

I love linen though. It's as if I'm walking around in nice wide leg, wrinkled, pajamas. LOL. I now firmly understand it needs to be reserved for casual events only. It is in no way office appropriate! Unless you are in the most business casual of offices. And, although my office is lenient, I can't do this to MYSELF again. It's not even 10 AM, been here since 8 AM, and I look like I slept in these pants. Don't try it! I even put them on following a good starching from the dry cleaner. I've been down this road before. I thought this would fix the problem.

Now it's official, LESSON LEARNED!

*Surprisingly enough, I've gotten numerous compliments on my beautiful, wrinkled, linen pants.

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