Thursday, December 24, 2009

Panty lines...YUCK

Do not dare go anywhere with your panty line showing! It bothers me. I'm not talking about the hint of show when you sit a particular way. I mean chunky cotton undies under khaki pants. It drives me insane.

I have my own issues with khakis, but this panty line issue, now that's an awful look of it's own. Ladies, and cross dressing gents, purchase a full length mirror. TODAY! Check your look head to toe before you enter the public.

This full length mirror will solve many of my hang ups, but today just focus on turning around and checking your tush. Baby steps. Now if making the investment in the mirror is an issue, take your lunch a day or two. They're about $10 at Target. You can save up for the fancy one later.

While at Super Target buying lunch goodies and that mirror, grab a 3-pack of no-show, or thong, undies. Multitasking. Three birds with one stone!

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  1. I have not heard from you or been on your page in a long time. But, sitting here in this kitchen reading this and literally loling in my kitchen is the reason why I miss talking to yo so much! You can be so funny! And it's that humor that only WE understand and that is why you have no comments on this blog.....think about it. Let it marinate! Anywhoo....okay gotta go moving on it was another comment I wanted to make on something