Monday, December 28, 2009

Lazy? Quite possibly.

I have this problem. I often hold my fabulousness for what I deem a special occasion. Awful I know, but I do. I'm not where I want to be in my life regarding my goals, my business, or geographically. It's made me fashionably lazy!

So the day after Christmas, my son and I were return/exchange shopping. He was adorable, as always, in a hoodie sweatsuit. I was nicely dressed in my own hoodie sweatsuit. We were only planning to be out briefly running errands, right? Yes we were, BUT I'd entered the public. I had thrown myself into a 50/50 mix of fabulosity and frumpy. I was average at best, and that's never good enough. Especially considering the number of attractive men out shopping/exchanging. There were more men in my dating age bracket out than ever before!

Don't make your style lazy. Even in my cute hoodie sweatsuit, minimal floral graphic tee (too add color), scarf, coordinating (and metallic) New Balance sneakers, great handbag (a huge shiny brown woven one), and beautiful jewelry (, there was no trace of make up and my messy ponytail was no where near flattering. Face and hair, I got lazy and paid the price.

Don't make my mistake. Have a daily beauty regime. Then have that last minute rush regime that still hits all your high notes. I should have used some foundation and a little pressed powder, some mascara across my top lashes, and sheer lip gloss over my cocoa butter lip moisturizer. I wouldn't have been at the tip top of the fabulous list, but average would have been beneath me!

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