Thursday, April 29, 2010

Accentuate the positive. Camouflage the negative.

Accentuate the positive and camouflage the negative are words to live by.

I have more curves that some, but I'm no circle. I am a real woman with some imperfect parts. I'm okay with that. I know my body. I know the improvements it needs, and I remain realistic. This makes all the difference.

As with most of my blogs, I'm prompted to write from what I see. So, there's a woman across from me in the dentist's office. And she is wearing an outfit I just recently purchased. It's just wide leg jeans with metal accents and an orange top that's gathered at the neck and waist. It's literally just two pretty basic pieces, and they were displayed side by side in a local boutique. She recently purchased hers too, as I notice the faint fold lines in her top. Instead of the wedge sandals and bronze jewels I'm planning, she opted for functional sneakers and as little styling as possible. She even has pigtails. No one over the age of 8 should ever have pigtails. This is really sad, because she's probably an attractive girl under all the unattractive parts.

If she accentuated the positive, she would run a comb through her thick auburn hair instead of a messy part and two ponytail holders. This gathered top just frames her full midsection like her belly is the Mona Lisa. Instead she should of sought out a larger size, because the elastic top should look like elastic. It should not be pulled so taunt it just looks like odd stitching. Other safe choices would have been ruching or an empire waist. These looks all work to camouflage the extra belly some of us are left with after the joys of pregnancy.
Now as far as that footwear goes, please never step out of your home in a functional sneaker unless there's going to be running or general exercise involved. She could have even caught less hell from me in a foam flip flop, and if you aren't using a public shower I don't think you should ever wear a foam flip flop. To make matters worse her jeans drug the floor, and I'm sure they picked up every germ and bit of bacteria they could find. Yuck! We're within an inch of the same height, I'm sure. If she'd put on a mid-heel wedge she would have been fine...and not infested with bacteria. I know, because I tried the jeans on with a mid-heel jean, and I was fine.

On top of all that her legs seem to be longer than the stumps God has me walking on. I get so frustrated with people who don't take advantage of the physical gifts they have. And now that she's caught me staring, and we've forced smiles in acknowledgement of each other, I can see this is a beautiful woman who needs some serious sprucing.

She complemented my earrings, I gave her a card to I hope she turns it over and follows the blog link on the back.

If so, hey lady no hard feelings, but please follow my advice. What I know, I know, I know!

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