Monday, March 29, 2010

How much is your beauty worth?

I was reading an article on MSN money this morning. Is $3600, annually, on beauty products and regimines excessive spending? Wow?! Absolutely! Well, it matters what's included in that.

I spend between $80 - $100 monly on my pedicures and waxing. I do a $60 peel and facial 4-6 times a year, and there's a copay the 6 times a year I visit my dermatologist's office, for vanity's sake.That doesn't include Latisse, other prescriptions, the MAC cosmetics, or ELTA and Aveeno skin care products. What about the money wasted on "trying" new products and services? All the cosmetics and nail polishes I thought I had to have amount to something. There's also a drawer full of tea tree, sea salt, and eucalyptus blends of spa, relax, and rejuvenation stuff.

I have no room to judge. Do you?

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