Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit, Flaw, Flattering

I am curvy. Voluptuous. I'm kinda pear-ish. I have broad shoulders, and I'm busty. My figure is okay, but I need toning. I need lots of toning. Lord knows!
I am sure of my body. Knowing the best fit and the flaws of your shape are essential in knowing how to dress yourself. But it's only part of the process. I'm certain there's nothing skinny about a skinny jean when they're on me, but if not skinny jeans then what?
1. I like a heavier weight denim. Light weight denim can be like wearing blue t-shirts for pants when not done correctly. Every flaw could be displayed.
2. My hips and thighs need balance. I need volume on the lower half of my legs.
Now as easy as this may now seem to figure out, all together they create a new set of hard to figure out restrictions. Heavy weight denim isn't difficult, but it doesn't mean the hard just shy of black denim favored by some laborers. I want the medium weight, I guess, carried in most retail shops.
Balancing my leg is best done in boot cut jeans. Flare leg jeans are confusing and awkward on my short stems. Wide leg jeans tend to make my legs look shorter and wider than what they really are. I need something that follows my leg comfortably to the knee, then with a slight flare goes on to the floor. I need boot cut jeans. Trouser jeans follow a similar route without the slight flare. They are a more fitted version of the wide leg. Trouser jeans can work for me, but my heart belongs to boot cut.
Generally speaking, I focus on my waist a lot. Showing that my waist is slimmer helps define an hour glass shape with my curvy lower half and voluptuous bust line. This makes me feel more feminine. *Side note: I love the word voluptuous!
I also am famous for using accessories to manipulate the eye. *Rule: Add color, sparkle, or oddity where you want peoples eyes to fall on you.
I need v neck tees. Although I wear the occasional crew neck t-shirt, it's not often. They add emphasis to my already broad shoulders. I'm more balanced in a v neck. But with t-shirts it doesn't end there. I go for a soft cotton tee with a cut that's flattering to the female form. Because, boxy is only appropriate when it's an impeccably styled Chanel tweed jacket.

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