Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"these are a few of my favorite things..."

Fashion trends change constantly, but there's always something I'm obsessing over. So today, because tomorrow could be totally different, I am obsessed with skinny belts and ruffles.
My love of skinny belts is simple. They are ALMOST ALWAYS appropriate. They define the waist, add some elegance, and provide an opportunity for creativity. I belt dresses, dress shirts, cardigans, blouses, and tunics. Any top that's not gathered at the hem, dress that doesn't have a defined waist showing outside of the belted area, or item that's not overly bulky can probably be belted. Those are general rules, but let your fashion eye be your guide.
Ruffles are new in my adult life. I'd put them on my children only list below white patent leather shoes and bubble jackets. But, I was wrong. When done correctly, in moderation, they are flawless! I love tuxedo ruffles whether they're simple or exaggerated. Just remember to make ruffles the, or a major, star in the show. When ruffles have to compete with over the top other looks, everything loses.
As trends recycle, or up cycle, themselves, the classics remain the same even with accessories. Staples will out live the pierced lip and have long since killed the ankle bracelet. My constant favorites are big bangle bracelets and dangle earrings...WOWZA!
Bracelets, an old fashion faithful! I adore all bracelets, but bangles have changed my life! I feel naked without bangles up to my armpits. But you can't just put on every bangle you own and call it fashionable, you have to have a plan. I am careful to coordinate color, pattern, metals, sizes, and shapes. I only wear them on my left wrist, always my left wrist. I'm right handed and the bulk can impair the 1000 times I have to put pen to paper in a day. I make sure to separate my metals with wood or a ribbon wrapped bracelet in the office. Noise HAS to be a deciding factor in bracelet wearing!
And the earrings, may God bless a bold earring! They are just...necessary. There's no bigger opportunity for a subtle statement. Earrings, for me, are the most feminine and expressive accessories you can wear. They make my day. You should never, NEVER, leave home without earrings! NEVER!

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