Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Season

Stores are filling up with spring and summer fashions!
I salivate, with my face pressed against the glass of boutique windows, as I tighten my scarf around my neck and wonder which layer, the tee, the cardigan, or the coat, is failing me. I'm cold, and I'd love to go inside and try on that yellow printed maxi dress, bronze strappy wedges, and fitted denim jacket. I'd like to sit in that window display and pretend to be enjoying a margarita, at a cantina, on a playa somewhere that's not right here, right now. And you know, I have the perfect accessories for that outfit! http://blaisedenvy.com/

Fashion's funny. It never rests. It won't be turned off or shut down. There's always something new, and it's typically something old that's been revamped. Yet, it's alluring. Fashion is constantly in motion. The fashion seasons lead the regular seasons. You have to work hard to stay current and play the game of wearing what, when, without being in sandals in midst of winter.

I am already mentally building a glamorous new summer wardrobe while sitting here with my heater on high. And, I wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy!

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