Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm always looking for ways to make it easier to work where I live and live where I work. Because my inner fashionista is growing by leaps and bounds my clothing and accessories wardrobes are growing and expanding. I'm quickly out growing my space. b.E.'s inventory and my personal jewels are starting to mix. Some of my prized possessions are being buried under other fabulous possessions. It's sad.
So I used some of my Internet surfing time to look for new storage ideas. Eureka! I came across this nifty video of ways to use typical household stuff in new and interesting storage ways. There were numerous suggestions that intrigued me, but I loved this peg board idea. Basically, you mount a peg board on your wall and hang all of your stuff. Easy! So, I ran to my local hardware store and bought a 4X2 peg board. Because it wasn't the most fascinating color, I spray painted it. Now, I have a royal blue peg board hanging on my beautiful green wall. My favorite jewelry is always at hand, and it's become a piece of ever changing artwork. Both the artsy and fashionista parts of me are satisfied.
Another idea I had, actually it's a revamped idea, is using an old school coffee mug rack for more useful storage. It was initially saved from a heap in my grandparents garage to hang my jewelry on, but with the birth of the peg board it's been bare. Now some of my hats, and my son's hats, have a new place to call home.
I realize I may not be the first to have this epiphany, but I'm still proud. Organization is on the way into my life at a high rate of speed. This is recycling and reusing at it's best!

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