Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm obsessed with all things glamorous. I think it's bigger than just being pretty or even beautiful. There's just true intention in being glamorous! I think glamour is intoxicating, magnetic, and almost magical. It's not just old Hollywood furs and diamonds. It's beautiful heels with great stuff like platforms and box toes, unconventional jewels that you obsess over, designer clutch bags, and high quality clothes that feel like second skin. It's how you carry yourself. It's sex appeal, attitude, and crazy confidence.

Take some extra time here and there to just glam up your style. You don't have to put on every shiny accessory you have or restrict your breathing in some too tight outfit. Just step up your look. Put on a little extra eye make up, your boldest cocktail ring, highest most stunning heels, and a dress that hugs every inch of you perfectly. Maybe even curl your hair a little daring and step out like you just wrote a check to purchase the planet! It will boost your confidence and bring on some good attention.
Be death

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  1. Stopped in to show some love! have a blessed day ! keep lifting up the name of Jesus!