Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Professionally speaking...

Do you leave things to the professionals? Do you know when to DIY and when to call in the experts? This is true in fashion, style, and glam, because if done incorrectly it can be costly or impossible to fix.

I hate to confess this, but a few years ago I went to the beauty school to get a quick trim. I had some bad ends along the back and needed it just chopped off blunt. I was expecting no more than 1/2 an inch. I had been before for a few washes when I was too lazy to lather, rinse, and repeat myself. I had called the salon, but my stylist was unavailable. I can't remember why, but I had to have it done RIGHT THEN! So I ran by the beauty school. I was thinking that these are students, and no one here will be overly ambitious. I can get a quick trim, spend less than a $10, and be on my way. Nope. This heffa took it upon herself to take about 3 1/2 inches off my hair. She couldn't hear 1/2 inch, but she understood blunt cut. Idiot! You get what you pay for. I hope she didn't graduate but instead ended up doing crochet braids off her grandma's front porch. That's what I get for asking a student to do expert work.

The same goes for all aspects of the beauty industry. It's been said that the only thing a stylist needs to do to become a stylist is to say they are a stylist. You can't trust that everyone knows anything at all about style. You have to see to believe. I never trust a hair stylist with nappy hair that looks like it's home to a flock of birds. I would never trust a fashion stylist that looks a hot mess.

I encourage the masses to get expert advice on the important things in your life. This includes your home, your health, your sanity, your family, and YOU! Go for a professional bra fitting, have a tailor, not a box of safety pins, hem your trousers, have licensed professionals do your hair, your face, your skin, and your nails. Take care of yourself with as much knowledge and know how as you can, but when all else out a professional opinion!

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